FliteZone – Caricabatterie Flite Zone F80 Cod. 6503



Codice Articolo 6503

Il caricabatterie Flite Zone 80 è un caricabatterie compatto ha programmi speciali per la ricarica di batterie NiCd, NiMH da 1 a 15 Celle, LiPo 1 a 6 celle e Piombo 2-20V.

This Multi-functional AC/DC balance charger does it all.

You now can charge nearly all battery types with this economically priced charger.

The charger power has been raised to 80 Watts (not a common 50 Watt toy) that gives you almost double the charging power. A 3-cell LiPo battery, for instance, can be charged up to 6.0 Amps and a 6-cell LiPo battery still allows up to 3.6 Amps charge.

F-80 has two inputs: AC 110-240V (household receptacle) or DC 11-18V (vehicle battery). Whats more, it has an built-in 6S (6-cell) active Balancer (Equalizer) which allows safe and efficient charge cycles.

* Balance Charger F-80
* Beautiful, attractive blue transparent housing
* Super-bright, backlit LCD Display
* Built-In 12V power supply
* Integrated Fan for optimized cooling
* Balance-Adapter XH (Adapter for EH and TP available as an option)
* High-Quality multi-charge cable “Octopussy HZ” fits most Parkzone, Eflite and Blade models from Horizon.

Betriebsspannung DC 11 ~18 Volt
AC 100 ~240 Volt
Charge Power 80 Watt
Discharge Power 10 Watt
Equalizing/Balancing Power trickle pulse 0.3A / Cell
NiCD / NiMH 1 ~15 Zellen
LiPo / LiIO / LiFe 1 ~6 Cells
Pb batteries 2 -20 Volt
Charge Current 0.1 ~6.0 Amp
Discharge Current 0.1 ~2.0 Amp
Charge/Discharge cycles 1 ~5
Memory ~5
Weight 490g
Dimensions  135 x 115 x 60mm

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